Military from the Asian country visited AvtoKrAZ

Representatives of the military authority of one Southeast Asia countries has visited the factory to get acquainted with military products and discuss issues of  possible cooperation.

Foreign guests met with the AutoKRAZ management, examined the exhibition of vehicles: KrAZ-6322, KrAZ-Fiona, KrAZ-Hulk, KrAZ-5401N2 “Svіzhist”, KrAZ-6510TE, KrAZ-5233 “Dzherelo”, KrAZ-5233BE, APZ-6,5-5233 .

The auto show was organized at «AutoKRAZ» test and proving ground to demonstrate distinguishing capabilities of KrAZ-6510TE and KrAZ-6322 vehicles in obstacles overcoming.

Visitors raved  about KRAZ trucks performance on the test and proving ground driven by experienced test driver Vasily Uhnal. Also guests expressed a desire to ride in the cab with the driver while overcoming obstacles. This opportunity was presented to them. «Super-truck! Super-cool driver!»  were comments of potential customers of KRAZ products after ride completion.

Guests were positively impressed visiting the «AutoKRAZ» Training Center. They stressed the importance of modern technical support for the thorough training of personnel who will operate, maintain and repair KRAZ vehicles. At the end of the visit the visitors has assured AutoKRAZ management that collected information will be right ground for the military customer to prepare appropriate requests for the models of vehicles they need.

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